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Help Us Build the Legacy and Give Back to Honor Todd Klindt!


Throughout the years it has always impressed me with the commitment to giving back that has been shown by the SharePoint community.  We have seen charity fund drives, donation of services, code camps, and more. This giving spirit has been evident in my friend Todd Klindt in both his personal life and his professional life. 
Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP, has been doing so much for the technical community for many years. He's blogged, spoken, and in March of 2009 started producing a weekly netcast as part of his contribution to the SharePoint community. During the course of that first year of his netcast, there was a lot of turmoil in the economy and several times he talked about doing things to give back. One week, Todd determined that he would make a donation based on the downloads of his netcast to his local food pantry.
In January 2010, Dan Usher contacted me (Lori Gowin) and suggested that as a birthday surprise donations should be made to a charity. We could then send a card to Todd and tell him about the donation made in his name to honor his birthday. Todd was genuinely touched by this effort and this began an annual tradition.
The tradition of the Annual Todd Klindt Birthday Charity campaign was born. Each year Dan and I talk with Todd and may choose a charity that he supports.  Reaching out to people via email, twitter, and at events we coordinate the donations and get a report of how much they contributed and if they would like to be included in the birthday card by name or anonymously.
For Todd's 40th birthday, we raised a record amount for MICA (
Our success in these past years has inspired us to expand our reach, and open up donations to not just Todd's favorite charities, but also to your charity of choice.  In 2015, we were able to give to the following charities: Doctors Without Borders, Adopt-a-Family (Knights of Columbus), Wounded Warrior Project, Snowdrop Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Nashville Rescue Mission, Hanna Home, Autism Speaks, Richie's Spirit Foundation, ASPCA, Jill's House, Imagine Children's Museum - Everett, WA, U12 Striker's Soccer, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and Hope Lodge.
2019-2020 Charity Campaign : December 18th to January 17th
During this time, you will be able to come to this site and log your donation by filling out a simple form.  This information is strictly confidential and will not be visible to anyone other than me, Lori Gowin.  You can also track the total that has been raised by the SharePoint Community.
At the end of the giving campaign I will then compile the total, list the names (no values) and provide the information to Todd for his birthday.
As you can see, we have raised several thousand dollars for very worthy causes in the past, let's make this the biggest year yet.

Thank you all!

Grand Total= $2,838.00

Previous Charity Campaigns Results:
The total below reflects only the reported amounts, there have been others who have given and privately notified Todd or Lori after the fact, this information was not recorded, so the amount is actually larger than what is reflected.


 Annual Totals

Sum= $24,065.00

Some Suggested Charities